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Do not use any third-party paid or free programs which provide an unfair advantage in-game. This includes scripts which can perform any action that is otherwise not possible to be performed ingame.

Do not do anything to bypass a ban on our servers. Do not try to join with a different account if you were banned. Any try to do so will result in additional bans. If you feel you were banned unfairly, speak with Tuxuser in Discord

In the event there is a known bug in the game, do not exploit it. This is considered cheating even if it does not give you an advantage. There is no tolorance for this. This includes but is not limited to accessing unaccessible areas and creating graphic errors or using graphical adjustments.

Do not insult other players via any form of communication channel. We want a friendly and comfortable place for everyone on our servers. Not following this rule will result into temporary or permanent restrictions, in extreme cases bans.

Do not make your Steam account private as this will get you kicked and banned from the servers.

Unfortunately if you have one of these bans in the last 180 days, you are not allowed to play on our servers. Play nice on other servers and allow the 180 day window to expire, then return.


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